62′ North


I’ve always wanted to visit a place like Faroe Islands. And after a year (or two) saving money and some hours fliying to the north, we finally reached it.

The summer of 2016 was so special indeed. We arrived in the morning and was a cold and foggy day. Not unusual there in August, but we didn’t know that yet. Still runnning in the landing track, a farmer greets us from his tractor. And you know, that’s sweet indeed, and it’s also so odd, isn’t?

But we were there, in the middle of North Atlantic Sea, clearly unprepared for the weather and overwhelmed by the stunning fact that no more than 1000 people came here this year on holidays. Then started to rain.

The reason why I’ve been focused on those islands relies probably in the fact that I love that kind of northern landscape, you know, high mountains and soft valleys, full of green and water, cliffs everywhere and some mist here and there. I like cold weather (when i’m wearing the proper clothes) because I like to stay warm under shelter observing the nature around. And of course I love fireplaces. For some reason*, I’ve been born by the mediterranean sea, where the only reason to start a fire is for cooking sardines.

Could be easier to go to Iceland, probably, but everybody has been there. It’s crowded on summer and dark in winter. So, we looked around and found a place in the middle of the sea, that hosts 30.000 people and 60.000 sheeps, some cows and lots of puffins. Sounded cool to us.


* I really do love the med, guys, no offense, it’s just that sometimes, especially during the humid and suffocating summertime in Barcelona it’s a living hell. And i’m not a beach lover.