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hi there!

…and welcome! I usually draw maps and cities and places, but also ordinary (well design) objects and wonderful architecture. All those things and stuff, collected by travelling and jotting down in my journal or sketchbook first and then properly applied on paper or fabric in my studio in Barcelona.

the extraordinary daily stuff

I’ve been always a passionate and curious traveler and I really love maps, design and architecture.  I like find + keep in my travel journal the all the weird things but also common objects: from streetlights to typical foods, from coffeemakers to trash bins.


I keep an eye on nature always, cause I like to observe around and know more of every single thing, astonished with all the wonders in our planet. I’ve been in about 50 countries by now (and still wanting to enlarge the list!), so i’ve got a huge collection of travel journals and sketchbooks, believe me…

In my shop you could find illustrated city maps and educational maps also, for those who are curious and want to know more about Planet Earth, wildlife and much more! You’ll also find here some of my artworks, prints and limited editions.